Essential updates for Pages, Keynote and Numbers

Significant updates for iWork apps available to install today.There are new updates today for all three iWork apps - Pages (5.02), Keynote (6.2) and Numbers (3.2).

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e-cloth Pad & Tablet Cloth: a great iPhone, iPad (and Mac screen) cleaning cloth!

Updated on Thursday, March 20, 2014 by Registered CommenterJANE DE MORATTI

Looking for a really good cleaning cloth for your iPhone, iPad, or even your 27” iMac screen? Look no further, read on…

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Stump is a jolly good stand for your iPad

Still the best stand I’ve found for my iPad (also works with your iPhone). Simpe. Inexpensive. Practical. Portable. Get one. Find out more here…


Backdrops: Wallpaper for your Mac & Apple devices

It’s nice to change your desktop wallpaper to match the season, your mood, your shoes, or just because you’re bored! The guys and gals at Interface Lift - the place I go to get my (rather fabulous) wallpapers - make it very easy for you to do this - whether you want to pimp your Mac, your iPhone or your iPad. Their app for your Mac is called ‘Macdrops’, and you can get it here. For your iPhone and iPad, the app is called Backdrops. Get it for your iPhone here, and for your iPad here. Now it’s very easy to have a gorgeous desktop worthly of the quality of your Mac or iDevice’s incredible screen, whatever its size.


Skype Hype

Skype is for more than just chatting with friends and family…

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