iOS 8.1 is coming (@ 6pm GMT?)

Rumour has it that the eagerly awaited iOS 8.1 will be with us in precisely 17 miniutes! The upgrade from a disappointing and rather underwhelming 8.02 (but not, at least, a disaster like 8.01 - which was pulled just an hour after its release!), iOS 8.1 contains further bug fixes and additional features that will work together with Mac’s new version of OS X (Yosemite) to make working between your Mac and your iOS devices a much more integrated experience, termed ‘Continuity’.

Start working on a document or email on your iMac and carry on where you left off on your iPhone or iPad… Answer your iPhone on your Mac or iPad… Automatically use your iPhone as a Personal Hotspot if you find yourself outside of a Wi-Fi area with your Mac Book Pro… Now having multiple Apple products really comes into its own and the way we work with them will be much more efficient and much more fun. Well, that’s if there aren’t any teething troubles!

Over the next few days I’ll be checking out all the new features and writing about the best ones on Master Your Mac.

Well, my screen is telling me I was right! So I’m off to grab the upgrade (along with, I imagine, rather a lot of other people). It might take some time. ;-)


Things are a-happening @ Apple...

Excitement is mounting as there are only a few moments before we join the Apple Special Event streaming live from Cupertino.

There are rumours of an iPad Air 2 with touch recognition, a new Apple TV and a fabulous new iMac with an incredible Retina display…

And if that were not exciting enough, Yosemite is finally out of beta and ready for the world. I can tell you - becuase I’ve been checking out the beta version for some time - it has some very innovative new features that make OS X even easier and more productive to use.

Meanwhile, judging by the Apple Store’s front page (see photo), lots is going on behind the scenes!

So I’m off to grab myself a glass of wine, before sitting down to watch what promises to be an exciting event. Don’t’ worry if you miss it! I’ll be posting about the new stuff and Yosemite in the coming days.


Essential updates for Pages, Keynote and Numbers

Significant updates for iWork apps available to install today.There are new updates today for all three iWork apps - Pages (5.02), Keynote (6.2) and Numbers (3.2).

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e-cloth Pad & Tablet Cloth: a great iPhone, iPad (and Mac screen) cleaning cloth!

Updated on Thursday, March 20, 2014 by Registered CommenterJANE DE MORATTI

Looking for a really good cleaning cloth for your iPhone, iPad, or even your 27” iMac screen? Look no further, read on…

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Stump is a jolly good stand for your iPad

Still the best stand I’ve found for my iPad (also works with your iPhone). Simpe. Inexpensive. Practical. Portable. Get one. Find out more here…